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Magma Chart Keeper - Knitting, Crochet & Cross Stitch

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This Chart Keeper is a MUST for working with charts or patterns that you're following line by line. It's a neat a tidy way to keep and display your charts/patterns while you're working on your project.

  • Convenient tool for keeping patterns close and easy to read

  • Easy to fold and unfold for storage; lays flat when folded

  • Can stand upright when folded open, vertically or horizontally

  • Snap closure ensures that materials inside stay neat

  • Extremely strong magnets keep patterns and/or charts in place

  • One extra long magnet strip also works as an indicator guide

  • Handy pocket with side gussets and 2 velcro closures holds patterns and charts

  • Pen pocket keeps marker close at hand

  • Black poly-jacquard fabric is sturdy and easy to keep clean

Dimensions: 50x30cm (20x12") when open, or 25x30cm (10x12") when closed

Contains: One Magma chart keeper, three small magnets, one large magnet strip and one pen

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?