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Trava & Wool

Trava Merino Silk Micro Skeins / Embroidery Threads

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1 Light Pink Micro
2 Pink Micro
3 Strawberry Micro
4 Rust Micro
5 Orangey Micro
6 Light Orange Micro
7 Peach Micro
8 Light Peach Micro
9 Sunset Micro
10 Bisque Micro
11 Butterscotch Micro
12 Marigold Micro
13 Honeycomb Micro
14 Biscuit Micro
15 Beige Micro
16 Flax Micro
17 Straw Micro
18 Reeds Micro
19 Citron Micro
20 Light Yellow Micro
21 Mid Yellow Micro
22 Bright Yellow Micro
23 Warm Yellow Micro
24 Sunflower Micro
25 Cool Yellow Micro
26 Lime Flower Micro
27 Spring Yellow Micro
28 Honeysuckle Micro
29 Grass Micro
30 Asparagus Micro
31 Green Jade Micro
32 Cool Jade Micro
33 Seafoam Micro
34 Light Gold Micro
35 Pale Green Micro
36 Pale Cool Micro
37 Palladium Micro
38 Iceberg Micro
39 Light Indigo Micro
40 Pale Indigo Micro
41 Mid Indigo Micro
42 Indigo Micro
43 Deep Indigo Micro
44 Pale Violet Micro
45 Light Violet Micro
46 Violet Micro
47 Deep Violet Micro
48 Dark Violet Micro
49 Dark Purple Micro
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Perfect for your colour-work, embroidery, mending, yarn-tattooing, sashiko & kogin projects. Always good to keep a little stash of micro's in your crafty arsenal...

Just right when you need just a little bit, and it has to be gorgeous!

Simply stunning 5g micro-skeins of natural dyed yarn by Trava & Wool(67 meters).

The colours are so clear and saturated, it's hard to believe that no chemical dye was used, but it's true!

The yarn is a 80% SuperWash Merino with 20% Mulberry Silk.