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Quince & Co.

To The Point: The Knitted Triangle

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  • To The Point: The Knitted Triangle

    This is such a beautiful book!

    To the Point is a culmination of author Leila Raven's deep knowledge and experience in designing shawls.

    Focusing this title on triangular shawls, Leila expertly brings the knitter through different treatments of triangular shawl design, such as direction and shaping rates, favourite techniques for starting and finishing, plus she gives excellent tips on how to read your knitting when working a chart-only pattern.

    This book includes a dozen of Leila's own designs, in a range of yarn weights and textures, showcasing her own unique style.

    Here are our yarn recommendations for each pattern:

    Tulsi: Lore / Scout / Opus
    Borage: Meadow, Sabri, Le Petit Lambswool, Alpaca Royal, Tweed Silk Cloud
    Valerian: Cumbria Fingering, Titus, Opus, Le Petit Lambswool
    Lemon Balm: Le Petit Cashmere & Lambwool, Trava Silk+Merino, Smoked Sock, Silkie Singles
    Clary Sage: Amelie, Cumbria, Le Gros Silk & Mohair
    Nettle: Mojave, Lithuanian Linen, Krea Cotton, Wrapped Merino, Tsugumi Silk
    Datura: Lore, Scout, Dile
    Mugwort: Sabri II, Meireal, Monokrom Worsted
    Moonflower: Sabri II, Meireal, Monokrom Worsted, Amelie
    Hyssop: Amelie, Cumbria, Le Gros Silk & Mohair
    Reishi,: Big Merino Hug, Ard Thir, Cumbria
    Chaga: Amelie, Le Gros Silk & Mohair, Ard Thir, Meireal

  • Paperback:
    160 pages

    11" x 8.5"

    Quince & Co. (1 Nov. 2019)

  • Design

    "We believe that all knitting is equal. Some days we crave intricate stitches on tiny needles; other times we want to plow quickly through a comfort project on chunky yarn with large needles. Either way we're happy making something we know we'll want to wear.

    We tend toward projects that are utilitarian and friendly—the sweater you reach for when you’re about to make tea or grab the dog's leash for a walk. But we also like the precious, labor-of-love, little jewel of a knitted accessory, a delicately cabled mitt, a lace shawl, you know the kind of thing.

    We also think that the yarn in a project is an important design element. We try to imagine how a particular project design will best showcase our yarns’ advantages, their weight and drape potential, how they fill out and define stitches, their ability to showcase a pretty texture.

    We want your knitting experience to be a pleasure, and your project to be a success. To that end, we've written our patterns in as clear and user-friendly a way as possible. We've explained the techniques we use, added notes, and offered links to full descriptions of specific techniques we like."