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Jillybean Yarns

Exclusive Hand-Painted Cardigan No. 5 (Shetland)

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Brand New Batch for Summer 2019! And with POCKETS!! 

A real statement piece. First time we saw these, we knew we had to have them.

This unique cardigan by Jillybean Yarns is made from 100% British Shetland wool. The Shetland is top quality and will wash & wear well if handwashed. It will soften with wear too. Careful washing will render it an old dear friend - lightweight, breathable, warm, cool and just wonderful!

Individual Sizing Info:

Back Width approx 28.5"
Back Length (shoulder to hem) 
approx 21"
Front Length (shoulder to hem) approx 18.5"
Sleeve Length (collar to wrist) approx 29"

Entirely hand-made: part hand-knitting-machined, part hand-knitted. They are made in parts and scoured before being hand-painted by Jill. They are then fixed, dried and finished by hand. 

Each piece takes more than 3 days to create

Every single cardigan is unique - no two are alike - and when it's gone, it's gone.

We absolutely LOVE these beyond-couture, designer cardigans! Count yourself very very lucky if you snag one for yourself!

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?