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Erika Knight

Simple Knitting

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  • by Erika Knight

    Simple Knitting is a unique workshop-based, how-to-knit book that will teach you the key techniques whilst creating an enviable collection of knitted items. Each of the 20 projects in the book teaches a new skill, as well as building upon and consolidating those knitting techniques already learnt through preceding projects. With a series of workshop-style masterclasses Erika Knight explains all the essential information – from achieving a perfect tension and substituting yarns or stitch textures, to more advanced cables and shaping – alongside broader design principles, such as building a colour palette.

    Providing a unique opportunity to learn the design secrets of one of the world’s most highly respected knitwear designers, Erika shares her special tricks of the trade within the book. Erika’s signature style, for which she has become renowned worldwide, is her sophisticated simplicity. Simple Knitting is the embodiment of that elegant reductivism. Her designs proved that you can make wonderful, original items for your home and yourself at the same time as mastering a repertoire of skills. Likewise, her preference for a refined natural palette of earthy shades with the odd highlight hue is perfectly in tune with the current mood for relaxed, homely interiors.

    With inspiring photography by Yuki Sugiura that showcases each of the beautiful designs, supported with clear charts and artworks, Simple Knitting is the ultimate learn-to-knit book.

    • Paperback:
      144 pages

      21.9 x 1.6 x 28.1 cm

      Quadrille Publishing Ltd

    • Erika Knight:

      My yarn collection is concise and considered with fibres and colours carefully selected so that you can be confident in choosing a beautiful, quality yarn for whatever you wish to create.

      My ethos has always been to keep things simple: to support British manufacturing where possible, to promote sustainable, natural fibres and to celebrate traditional skills. Having worked in the textile industry for most of my career and in many different guises, I am passionate about innovation and heritage in equal balance.

      When you are taking the time to craft something by hand, it is as much about the process as the final outcome, so for me, it is important to use the best possible materials. This of course means using different yarns and fibres for different purposes and understanding the characteristics of each.

      “I believe it is an inherent human trait to construct fabric in order to catch, clothe, nurture and decorate”


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